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My buddy has always kinda made me jealous when he would talk about these hidden cam porn videos he would make with his girlfriend. I knew mine never would let me. Apparently, his wouldn’t either and he gave me some tips on how to record ourselves. I invited my girlfriend over to have dinner and watch a movie so it didn’t come off as suspicious. After dinner she offered to do that dishes so I took this opportunity to set up my web cam to film us fucking. A few minutes after I finished she comes in the room so we can start the movie but I was able to coax her into a little “dessert” before the film and at first she wasn’t into the idea but after a little caressing and playing with her big tits she got into the mood.

She really got in the mood once I laid her back to eat and finger her sweet Arabic pussy. I had her moaning so loud that I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors heard us. I finally brought out that cock hungry animal inside her and had her riding my dick in no time. I laid on my back and she mounted me riding me until I was so close to cumming then taking every bit of my load inside of her mouth and swallowing it.

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I tried telling my buddy his girlfriend was a complete slut but he didn’t believe me. Over and over I told him but he just got mad. I have seen his girl messing around with other dudes in parties and know she fucks around with other people. In a way I was mad at him and in a way I still cared about him; that’s why I decided to bang his girl and get it on hidden camera only to open his fucking eyes. I’ve always liked watching homemade porn with spy cam videos and shit like that but never thought I would be making one, still I knew everything about making one from watching them on Security Cam Sex. I’m not a great looking guy but getting his girlfriend to come to my house was no hustle.

I leave pretty far away from where my friend lives so she didn’t have a problem with coming to my place. I had everything set up and took her in my room to humiliate her. I’m not going to lie, that pussy was pretty damn good and wet and for a second I forgot I was banging her to help my buddy and not for pure pleasure. Anyway I ended up making her gag on my dick and fucking the hell out of her. Soon I’ll e-mail the hidden camera video to my friend but decided to also post it on-line to teach that little cock whore a lesson too.

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I always tell my Arabian girlfriend how fucking hot she looks when we have sex and sometimes even joke around telling her we should make our own amateur porn clip. She always laughs but when I get a little more serious about she stops me in my tracks. I knew she would never do it. Anyway, I was watching some hot hidden cam clips on Stolen Porn Videos. I was way too turned on with this kind of porn. I finally convinced myself that it would be worth it and decided that it was time to get my girl on cam. We always fuck in my room and leave it upside down so I hid the camera there.

When she came over to my house we watched some TV and shortly after I was teasing that pussy trying to make her wet and ready for my little amateur hidden cam video. It drives me crazy when I feel her pussy getting wet on my fingers, plus the idea of knowing that I was going to catch her on cam got me rock hard. I couldn’t wait anymore, I got on top of her and face fucked her hard for a little while then turned her around with her ass up and slid my prick inside her. I was really turned on, pounding her pussy mercilessly. She is a freak under the sheet and was able to lay there and just take it. Which worked fine I didn’t want her checking out the whole room.

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This wasn’t exactly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. My girlfriend is real frisky and is down for a good fuck session anytime. When she is getting dick she cares about nothing else. Knowing this I decided to make my wildest fantasy come true. I wanted to film this bitch taking my cock in my own hidden cam porn video. Even with the lights on my rooms is still a little dark. So I didn’t have to worry about hiding the cam perfectly.

On one of the nights she stopped by my house I couldn’t control myself I wanted her in my room with her shaved pussy facing the camera.   And I did, I took her right in there, stripped her off and made her shoved my big piece of meat in her mouth. She was wet by now. I got her on all fours and got on top of her so that her sweet cunt would show. I fucked that pussy like an animal, making scream like a little slut. I was so happy with the view I got, I love doggystyle position and that exactly what I got. Hope you guys enjoy this hidden cam porn video as much as I did. After all she probably will never find out millions have seen her be a complete slut.

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I have always enjoyed watching hidden cam porn videos online but I never got to make my own until this gorgeous foreign exchange student from Pakistan came to my college. She was always pretty quiet and kind of kept to herself but I could tell that behind that shy act there was a wild side to her and I was going to bring it out. She was in a few of my classes so I decided to talk to her after in the hall and offer to take her out and show her the town. Lucky for me she accepted. We had just went out for a small bite to eat then I convinced her to come back and have some drinks to just get to know each other since she was alone here.

Once she got a few glasses of wine in her I could see her wild side starting to come out as she was rubbing her thighs and opening her legs. We made out for a bit but she wanted more and didn’t want to wait so I took her to my room where I had my web cam set up in hopes things would go smooth. She hardly let me get into the room before she was ripping my clothes off and pushing me on the bed to ride my throbbing hard cock. After getting her pussy railed she really wanted to suck all her juices off my thick shaft and drops to her knees to lick it all off and suck me until I blow a huge load of cum down her throat. The best part of my hidden cam porn video was this little freak loved swallowing my cum.

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Spy cam videos and hidden cams have always been my fetish. Every time I managed to find a girlfriend I would always fantasize about putting a camera in some discrete place to film the girl I was dating, I didn’t care where. But this time I finally got the courage to make my wildest dreams come through one way or another. This girl wasn’t all that smart. I knew I could get away with this one.  I knew every there was to hidden cam porn from watching real videos on sites like Real Hidden Porn. I set everything up in my room remembering my best videos I watched. Now I just needed to bring my dumb gf in my room.

I didn’t want to take chances so when she came over I drank a bottle of wine with her. I got her so tipsy, getting caught was now the last of my concerns. More than anything I wanted to catch her sucking my cock. I wanted her sweet lips around my dick going in and out of her mouth. I wanted to see her facial expressions from a different angle. I made her give me head and lick my balls for the longest time.  After a while I flipped her over and rammed that Arabian pussy as hard as I could ‘till she came and then I spilled my hot load of jizz all over her boobs. This is my first hidden cam porn video ever, enjoy!

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Melissa is a hot round ass Arab young MILF. I met her one night I went to a bar to relax. I have always wanted to fuck a Muslim girl while she is wearing a hijab and that was a good opportunity. I approached her and invited some drinks. We talked and I told her hijabs turned me on. She grabbed my leg and stroked it softly until I got a boner. We went to my apartment and while she was in the bathroom, I got my camera and hid it. I have a collection of hidden cam videos so I wanted to film that slut as I fucked her.

We took our pants off and she lay down on the floor. I opened her legs and sucked her shaved cunt as I got my big cock blown by her. I spilled orange juice on her pussy and licked it. She loved it as she blew me harder. I lifted Melissa and drilled her. I lay down and she rode my hard dick like a real bitch. She got on the floor and opened her legs. She was inviting me to keep nailing her. I did not waste any time and stuck my penis in her pussy. I banged her hard and she stroked my butt.

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My hot brunette busty cousin, Courtney, asked me to stay in my apartment for a couple of days. I had always wanted to fuck her since we were teenagers. I never tried anything because I was afraid she was going to make a scandal. I hid a camera in guest room where she was staying to see her gorgeous body naked. It was my chance to do something like the hidden cam videos I’ve seen at Real Hidden Porn.

One evening Courtney came home crying wearing a sexy red dress and white high heels. She told me she broke up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her. I invited some wine to calm her down. After a couple of drinks we were making out. She held my hand and took me to her bedroom. She lay down on the bed and I helped her taking her shoes off. I kissed her cute feet and opened her legs. I put my head between them and started sucking and licking her pink pussy. I stroked her big breasts as she slowly undressed. She really loved having her shaved cunt eaten by me. We got on our knees and made out as I fingered her. She took my pants off and gave me head. I never thought my cousin could blow cocks that good. She stopped and sat on my dick. I could tell from her moans that she was enjoying the sex as much as I was.

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Brittany is a hot young blonde slutty teen. She and her boyfriend have sex almost everyday. This horny couple love fucking on Brittany’s sisters bedroom because the bed is much bigger than hers. The teen’s sister knew what was going on but wanted to catch them in the act. She searched for some hidden cam videos tips at Security Cam Sex and set up a camera in her bedroom. She was ready to tape her sister getting laid in her bed.

Brittany took her boyfriend to her sister’s bedroom and lay down on the bed. He took off her shoes and made out with her. He undressed her while kissing her and stroking her hot fit body. He got naked and opened her legs to lick her shaved pussy. Brittany got her cunt drilled hard by the man’s big hard cock. He banged her while making out with the slut. She had her big breasts licked and sucked as she moaned like a real whore. He fucked her harder making her moan loud. The young slut was really loving having her boyfriend’s penis nailing her hard. Brittany knelt down on the floor, in front of the mirror. The man got on her knees behind her and drilled her doggystyle.

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I have seen a few hidden cam videos in my day but I always felt I should make one. I was with a girl that knew her way around a cock better than any I have ever seen. I wasn’t sure how most of these guys got away with it because it seemed the girl would easily see a camera so I looked around online for tips. I came across Public Violations which has some of the hottest videos I have ever seen along with great tips for how to make your own hidden cam porn. Once I finally convinced my girl to come over and spend the night I knew my wish would finally be coming true.

After watching some movie she suggested I made my move and, just as I hoped, things went smooth. I love fucking her sweet, juicy Arab pussy but I figured the world needed to see just how much of a prize winning cock sucker she really is. I got her down on her knees in front of the camera without her even realizing what was going on and she began admiring my long hard cock, sucking and licking every bit of it and taking it deep down her throat. She loves doing this and she loves it even more when she makes me blow a big, hot load of cum down into her warm sexy Saudi mouth. It was even more satisfying finishing in her mouth knowing I had made a hidden cam video without her knowing.

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