Lebanese couple fuck on cam

I have heard a lot about hidden cam porn videos online but never was an avid watcher. The thought of making one had always turned me on and so did this gorgeous Lebanese girl that worked at some family store near my house. I had only stopped in there a few times so I never really got to talk to her more than a quick exchange of words but I always thought she was fucking sexy and had often imagined fucking her. I figured it was time to stop imagining and try to talk to her and see what goes down.
I ended up getting a date with her and after a dinner and some drinks we headed back to her place since her parents were back visiting family in Lebanon, she stayed home for classes. I had brought my camera along with me just in case things went as planned so when she went to grab some drinks I hid the camera. We hardly even finished the drinks before she was sucking my cock, and damn did she know what she was doing. That is going to be a blowjob I will remember the rest of my life. She only sucked me off for a bit before her juicy pussy needed a good pounding. That horny little minx mounted me and fucked like a rabbit until she got a hot load of cum in her sweet Arab pussy. It was my first hidden cam video but I think it went well. The full sequence is available at Real Hidden Porn
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